Best London Dishes of 2015

Living in London means that I have access to more restaurants that I can ever get around to eating at but, in 2015, I have given it my best shot to get in as many meals as my budget will allow. I’ve managed to eat my way around London in the past 12 months sampling everything from famous London dishes to the newest street food sensations. From team lunches at Hawksmoor to an amazing birthday dinner at the legendary St. John and lots of street food in between, here are my best London dishes of 2015!

Duck and Waffle – Lobster Creme Brulee, Ox Cheek Doughnut, Duck & Waffle

We went here for our anniversary and both the food and the view (and the company!) were spectacular. If you’re still unsure of the sweet and savoury flavour combination, then Duck and Waffle will definitely convert you. The Lobster Creme Brulee, Ox Cheek Doughnut and the signature dish of Duck and Waffle were all delicious so it’s difficult to choose just one dish from here so I’m selecting all three!

Lobster Creme Brulee
Lobster Creme Brulee

Ox Cheek Doughnut
The Famous Duck and Waffle with Mustard Maple Syrup

St. John – Black Cuttlefish & Onions, Eccles Cake & Lancashire Cheese

I have wanted to go to this restaurant for the longest time and this year, for my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Fergus Henderson’s legendary restaurant. The home of nose-to-tail eating, there was plenty of offal on the menu and we tucked into Lamb’s heart and ox cheek to name but a few dishes. The highlights for me were the Black Cuttlefish & Onions and the Eccles Cake with Lancashire Cheese. I’m a big fan of cheese so any dessert that contains a massive slab of cheese is going to get my vote!

Black Cuttlefish & Onions - Best Dishes 2015 - Chocolettecooks
Black Cuttlefish & Onions
Eccles Cakes & Lancashire

Ceviche – Huevo Crillo & Lamb Brain Fritters

Another birthday dinner that we indulged in when my friend Maria came over from Ireland. Four of us headed to the new Old Street outpost of this Peruvian restaurant chain. I had heard so much about the Huevo Criollo (A Peruvian scotch egg covered with quinoa and sangrecita sausage – the best way to serve quinoa in my opinion!) and the Lamb Brain Fritters that we just had to try. We ordered about 4 dishes each, as well as cocktails and of course we had to sample the native Peruvian spirit Pisco – not for the fainthearted!

Lamb Brains
Lamb Brain Fritters
Huevo Criollo

Hawksmoor – Hawksmoor Hamburger

I finally got to go Hawksmoor on one spontaneous team lunch with work. We went to the Seven Dials restaurant in search of the Christmas burger but, when we arrived we were told they didn’t have them at this particular branch. We soon got over our disappointment when our burgers arrived – big, juicy burgers in soft brioche buns with sharp blue cheese – by far the best burger I’ve ever had!

Hawksmoor Hamburger - Chocolettecooks
Hawksmoor Hamburger


St. John Maltby Street – Bacon Sandwich

Another legendary dish from St. John but this time in the form of their doorstop bacon sandwich. What I love about St. Johns is the simplicity of their dishes. This is, in essence, just a simple bacon sandwich but they use the best bacon, the fluffiest bread and tastiest ketchup to elevate it to something a bit more special than your bog standard bacon sandwich.

St. John's Bacon Sandwich - Chocolettecooks
St John’s Bacon Sandwich


Cheeky Italian – Beef Poutine

One of the highlights of Dinerama this year was the Cheeky Italian Beef Poutine. Slow cooked beef, cheese curds and pickled onions atop crispy chips, this went down very well with a couple of beers and a few too many tequilas.

Cheeky Italian Beef Poutine - Chocolettecooks
Cheeky Italian Beef Poutine


Here’s hoping 2016 holds many more fantastic London dishes!

Happy New Year!


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